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Subpart F in a Nutshell

Yesterday, Denton & Fahring was pleased to present to the “CPA Academy” on “Subpart F in a Nutshell.” The Academy has archived the presentation and, if you’re looking for a truly riveting hour-long talk on the ins and outs of international tax compliance, it will probably grace those dusty halls / computer servers in perpetuity … Continue reading Subpart F in a Nutshell

Happy Fourth of July from Your Local Tax Lawyers!

Friends, clients, countrymen: Happy Fourth of July! Tax folks are often overlooked, outside of the spotlight. Today, it is perhaps appropriate, to reminisce on the  fact that taxation without representation was a major driving force behind the American Revolution, and so is a major reason we enjoy American freedom and liberties. The Declaration of Independence … Continue reading Happy Fourth of July from Your Local Tax Lawyers!

Wayfair: Are You Ready For More Sales Tax?

Last week, the Supreme Court handed down a decision in South Dakota v. Wayfair, Inc., that could have far-reaching effects on the U.S. business landscape. In the course of this decision, the Court held that a state can require out-of-state sellers with no physical presence in the state to collect and remit sales tax on … Continue reading Wayfair: Are You Ready For More Sales Tax?

MLEX US Tax Watch: Sam Got Quoted

Sam Denton was pleased to be quoted in a recent MLEX US Tax Watch article that was published on June 8 and titled, “Court to Facebook: No enforceable right to access IRS Appeals.” Unfortunately, the story is behind a pay wall. However, if you subscribe to Lexis and happen to be interested, the citation is: … Continue reading MLEX US Tax Watch: Sam Got Quoted

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