Texas Voluntary Disclosure Agreements

Writing on PaperTaxpayers who have unfiled state tax returns or unpaid state taxes may qualify for a voluntary disclosure agreement with the Texas Comptroller.

Under a voluntary disclosure agreement, the taxpayer agrees to file all unfiled tax returns and pay all unpaid taxes that are due for a four-year period and to pay any taxes the taxpayer has collected but did not remit to the Texas Comptroller. In exchange, the Texas Comptroller agrees to waive all penalties associated with the taxpayer’s failure to file tax returns or pay taxes and to waive interest on the taxes disclosed, except for those taxes the taxpayer actually collected but did not remit.

In order to qualify for a voluntary disclosure agreement, the taxpayer must not already have been contacted by Texas Comptroller regarding an audit or investigation.

Care must be taken when requesting a voluntary disclosure agreement and complying with its requirements. Contact us if you are interested in learning more about this process.