Denton & Fahring Helps Teach Soldiers Taxes

Every year military bases across the country run tax offices meant to assist service members with completing their taxes. In this effort, they pull hundreds of soldiers, sailors, marines, and airmen from their normal jobs for months in order to teach them the ins and outs of 1040s and other tax return-related forms and have them man the tax office. While military funding for this effort appears to be shrinking, the program has collectively saved thousands of service members many millions of dollars. In fact, a recent article in the Hawaii Army Weekly noted that, although Schofield Barracks, a local army base, will not have a tax office this year, “last year, its 31 Soldiers helped approximately 1,000 clients save an estimated $31 million in refunds, with the average refund being $3,427.”

The Tax Section of the State Bar of Texas assists military tax offices in Texas through their “VITA Adopt-a-Base” program. Through this project, they bring tax attorneys to bases and posts throughout Texas to help teach the service members that will be manning the tax office how to do these tax forms.

This week we were fortunate enough to have Sam Denton participate in this program and teach soldiers for the Tax Office at Fort Hood. Denton & Fahring, PLLC would like to thank the Tax Section of the State Bar for giving us the opportunity to join the effort. The soldiers were respectful and attentive, and it was rewarding knowing that they will take knowledge with them that could impact them for the rest of their lives, that they get a glimpse into another possible career field, and that they will take their newfound skills and make a tremendous, positive impact on their community.