William Wayne Justice Center Remembers the Founding of the Texas Law Veteran’s Association

The William Wayne Justice Center (WWJC) posted about the Texas Law Veteran’s Association (TLVA), which Sam Denton helped create! The organization’s goal was to do pro bono work for veterans, and the wonderful people at the WWJC helped make that goal into a reality. WWJC then went on to expand their pro bono program and have conducted numerous projects that have been of tremendous value to the community.

On September 11, 2007, Sam and some friends (who happened to be veterans) were discussing what they could do to commemorate the day and struck on the creation of the TLVA. Sam participated in and helped guide the organization until 2010, and during that time, with the help of the WWJC, Travis County Veterans Services, and over 100 law students, they were able to host a number of pro bono law clinics. The TLVA continues on at the University of Texas School of Law to this day.

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